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What is Reputation Management?
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Online Crisis Management

When you are in the middle of the storm.
When publicity on the web starts to build up its not always positive. A large amount of content and links can quickly build up that speaks negatively about you or focus on an event that you donít think is representative of who you are.
We help clients meet this storm by methodically, structured and effectively building up new content as well as optimizing the one thatís already out there, to produce a different picture when someone searches for your name.
Online crisis management requires fast and effective work as well as a deep analysis of the current situation and what can be done about it. We collaborate with leading PR-agencies where we often head up the activities to manage the online side of things.
Clients we meet are often surprised about how much is possible and how much you can actually influence what people see when they search for your name. They think search engines like Google are hard to influence and that the picture will remain the same for a long time. We know that does not have to be the case. We also know that people have great opportunities to influence what information is visible in searches. Our experience has given us a set of processes and methods that can be used to achieve both fast and lasting results.
To passievely just watch and let the search engines focus on the negative content on the first search results page is rarely a good strategy. An active strategy to influence search results is what should be used.
Strategy, execution and management of results.
We will analyze your situation carefully and suggest a strategy. We will then execute and carry out the required activities. Finally we will manage the results for you and monitor what happens. This means you will not have to administer or manage your profiles, videos, pictures or other content we use. Instead you will get an easy to follow reporting showing the differences your new active strategy produce.
Our clients are often surprised how fast we can change what people see when they search for their names. They are also often surprised how little control they had over their online reputation before.
We also provide extensive monitoring services that enables us to notify you whenever your name is mentioned online and letís us react to it, if necessary.

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what can be done to strengthen your online reputation.

Crisis Management Online
Proactive services
Ongoing management,
monitoring and administration

'The art of being
one step ahead.

Let us manage your
online profiles
If you let us manage your online
profiles, its up to you how active
you want to be. You can relax
knowing that a team with leading
knowledge in this area will take
care of your profiles for you
until you decide to manage
them yourself, if ever.
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Tillbaka till förstasidan

Reputation Management provides services that help people influence and manage their reputation on the internet. We offer services such as online crisis management, proactive and protective activities as well as analysis, monitoring, management and administration.
We started as a reaction to the fact that it has become unrealistic for most normal people to manage the vast amount of social media profiles and networks available today, while at the same time these online

properties play a major role in what people see on the web when they search for your name. We'd like to put people back in control of their online reputation. The Reputation Management team consists of people with deep knowledge of social media, search engine optimization, PR and online marketing.

Our clients are mainly Public Relations agencies and other media companies. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our offering.
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