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What is Reputation Management?
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What's your online reputation like?

Maybe you've tried searching for your own name on Google? Maybe you found a few results on Google that you've been able to influence yourself, maybe also a few that are beyond your control?
Reputation Management is about getting in control of what people see when they search for your name and try to influence it in the direction you like. It's also about proactively making sure that what you can do is done as early as possible to put you in control of the profiles, sites and content that you have an opportunity to influence.
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What we can help with.
Quickly step in to help remedy a poor online reputation.
If you are in the midst of online reputation chaos, we can help you meet poor publicity by building and optimizing new and existing content.
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Proactive services.
Even if you've not yet got bad puclicity online, it might be a good thing to get control and prevent as much of it as possible before it even happens.
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Management of profiles and properties.
We can help manage the plethoria of social media profiles, domains, networks and sites for you. These properties can all be used to push visibility in search engines when people search for your name.
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Who are we?
About the team behind Reputation Management.
The team behind Reputation Management is made up of people with deep knowledge in search engines, technology, social media as well as PR and marketing.
We've spend many years using the internet as a marketing channel for a large number of clients, including some of the worlds best known brands. Reputation Management requires knowledge of multiple things and we have a team together with experience from lots of different areas.
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How do you look online?

Who are we
behind the name?

100% in control
of your profiles?

Tillbaka till förstasidan

Reputation Management provides services that help people influence and manage their reputation on the internet. We offer services such as online crisis management, proactive and protective activities as well as analysis, monitoring, management and administration.
We started as a reaction to the fact that it has become unrealistic for most normal people to manage the vast amount of social media profiles and networks available today, while at the same time these online

properties play a major role in what people see on the web when they search for your name. We'd like to put people back in control of their online reputation. The Reputation Management team consists of people with deep knowledge of social media, search engine optimization, PR and online marketing.

Our clients are mainly Public Relations agencies and other media companies. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our offering.
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