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What is Reputation Management?
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What is Reputation Management?

Reputation Management is all about looking after and managing your online reputation.
Maybe you've tried doing a Google search for your own name? When you did, maybe you found a few results that you had a role in creating yourself, maybe also a few search results that you had no chance to influence. There are an almost endless amount of sites and content on the web today. Search engines such as Google use complex algorithms based on huge amounts of criteria to decide which sites are ranking highest for searches. Search Engine Optimization (getting sites to rank higher) is a whole science itself these days.
Reputation Management is about getting in control of what is visible about you when people search for your name and trying to influence it in a direction you'd like. It's also about being proactive and making sure you are doing what you can as early as possible so you are in a good position if something bad should happen later on. This means getting control over profiles, sites and content that you have a chance to incluence.
For some people there is a storm out there already. They are public profiles or in another way known to a wider audience. Some have gotten themselves into a situation that has led to bad puclicity.This can take the shape of media articles, posts on blogs and forums, videos shared around, photos and much more.
It's essential to have a strategy and plan on how to deal with this ocean of potential online publicity, good as well as bad. With hundreds of sites, from social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn, to video sites such as YouTube, to other social media channels such as Twitter or Flickr, there are lots of opportunities to influence what someone sees when they search for your name on Google.
How would you like to look online?
Reputation Management is not about in an illegal way trying to remove or damage sites that are already out there and who might have content about you. Instead its about doing what you can to get the content you like out there, content that you think provides a more accurate picture maybe.
Reputation Management is a hybrid of many different fields of knowledge. It includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, knowledge of different types of content as well as online marketing and PR. On top of this is an administrative and structured role dealing with how to best manage all the profiles and content that is published. It's also important to monitor the web so you can quickly find out if something new is said or posted somewhere.
Our clients can take many different shapes.
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Did it hit the fan?
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reputation management.

Preventing a future
bad reputation
Even if you’ve not yet gotten bad
publicity online but still would
like to be sure you are doing
what you can to stay in control
already, we can help you.
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Let us manage your
online profiles
If you let us manage your online
profiles, its up to you how active
you want to be. You can relax
knowing that a team with leading
knowledge in this area will take
care of your profiles for you
until you decide to manage
them yourself, if ever.
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Tillbaka till förstasidan

Reputation Management provides services that help people influence and manage their reputation on the internet. We offer services such as online crisis management, proactive and protective activities as well as analysis, monitoring, management and administration.
We started as a reaction to the fact that it has become unrealistic for most normal people to manage the vast amount of social media profiles and networks available today, while at the same time these online

properties play a major role in what people see on the web when they search for your name. We'd like to put people back in control of their online reputation. The Reputation Management team consists of people with deep knowledge of social media, search engine optimization, PR and online marketing.

Our clients are mainly Public Relations agencies and other media companies. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our offering.
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